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Krafty Mother

Chakra Crystal Point Healing Wand 7-10cm

Chakra Crystal Point Healing Wand 7-10cm

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"Serenity Seeker: Crystal Point Healing Wand (7-10cm) – Enhance Your Energy Healing Practice and Décor

Crafted with care and precision, our exquisite Crystal Chakra Wand is more than just a tool for energy healing—it's a captivating piece of art destined to adorn your space with its beauty and positive vibes.

Each wand is meticulously inspected at our Melbourne studio in Victoria, ensuring quality and authenticity, and when you unwrap it, you're not just receiving a product; you're embarking on an enchanting journey.

Moreover, your purchase contributes to our noble cause of aiding animals in need, as we pledge a percentage from every sale towards initiatives like rehoming. Together, let's build a compassionate platform while enriching your life with the healing powers of crystals.

Elevate your energy and make a difference with our Serenity Seeker Crystal Point Healing Wand!"

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