Collection: Handmade Jewellery

These are all 100% Handmade in Australia


Most articles are handcrafted from Precious Metal Clay, a unique form of silver or gold that allows PMC artists to form and sculpt metal by hand. Initially soft and pliable, PMC becomes hardened once it's fired in a jewellers kiln. The result is a one-of-a-kind silver or gold piece of jewellery.

There are also other steps taken including placing it in a jewellers tumbler for many hours and polishing.

I absolutely love creating new and unique meaningful items that can be cherished and create meaningful memories. I am a creative and combing the magic of art and creation is my purpose.

The selection of beautiful handmade jewellery crafted in Melbourne Australia by Local artists and is one of a kind you will never find another that is exactly the same and made in the same way!.

All of our handmade jewellery is carefully and beautifully wrapped and placed safely in a pouch that can be used to store your precious jewellery.