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"The Warrior"Handmade Necklace

"The Warrior"Handmade Necklace

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"The Warrior" Handmade Necklace

This beautiful handmade piece of art was created using recycled silver called PMC. The PMC stands for Precious Metal Clay and is created using similar technique of working with clay but follows a different process after firing. This involves putting it through a tumbler to burnish the item.

I then created a hoop for the clasp to grab onto and created it a little larger than some so that you can easily find the hoop to hook the clasp onto.

The necklace is made from hemp cord and I have added some beautiful sparkles of sterling silver beads and coloured beads which are strategically placed along the necklace.

Perfect for gifts of all occasions including gifts for yourself!

Jewellery pieces are accompanied by a beautiful pouch where they can also be stored and kept safe.

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