What would I use a crystal point for?

What would I use a crystal point for?

Why would I use a crystal point?


Crystals have always fascinated me as they hold such beauty and mystical properties.

I have had my own crystals for quite a long time and I thought it was time for me to investigate and research why this shape ( the pointed to tower ) was so popular and what do people use this shape for?

In this picture I have taken a photo of one of my most beautiful points I have seen the chakra point.

You can see that it has some lovely colours all integrated into one and this one in particular is 8cm high and looks amazing!


So why would we use a pointed crystal like this one?

Well the most common answer was to draw energy upwards through the crystal focusing on direct energy into the item or person the energy is intended for.

People also use a tower crystal for their grids, in the centre usually so that they can focus energy and intention.

Placing your crystal towers all around your house creating grids is also another popular use for tower crystals and plus they look magical anywhere in the house especially in bathrooms and near greenery ( be carful though as some crystals should not get wet such as selenite, desert rose amongst others) 

I also found out that you can use a use a crystal point for protection, stress relief and anxiety, purifying negative energies, sending healing energies to others including animals crystal healing, spiritual healing and more.

After reading up on the benefits of a crystal point I decided to purchase one and I have come up with my own steps to meditate with the crystal and set my intentions.

  1. Find a quiet space , I usually will go into my spiritual room where I know I can be on my own and I do not take my phone with me!
  2. Standing up straight, I hold the crystal in my hand and quiet my mind focusing only on the crystal ( the shape, the feel of it )
  3. As I hold the crystal with both hands straight in front of my body I lift the crate up above my head picturing a white light coming out of the bottom. the crystal and moving the point down my body through to my feet I visualise the white light clearing any negative energies out of my body.
  4. I then set my intention into my crystal and move the point back up my body slowly this time visualising the clouds of the crystal and the words of my intension coming out of the point into my body.
  5. Once. the crystal is back at the top of my head I bring the crystal back down and hold it in both of my hands for a few minutes whilst repeating my intention.
  6. I then gently place my crystal near my bedside.

I also like to place a tower or crystal point in my workspace and I use a black tourmaline for this to also help help with the EMF ( Electro Magnetic Field ) being emitted from my electrinics. I also combat this by wearing a Shungite necklace which is said to reduce the effects of EMF.


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