Why Is Arts and Crafts Important for my Child

Why Is Arts and Crafts Important for my Child

Why Is Arts and Crafts important for my Child ?

With a background in Early Childhood and Education, I understand that sometimes it can be a little challenging to comeuppance with some new ways of engaging and entertaining your child especially during times that they are with you all day ( especially off you have children at school and its school holidays!) 

Arts and Crafts teaches child soo much, not only nurturing their imagination and creativity, but can also play a crucial part inn the development of their fine and gross motor skills, their social skills ( especially if they are doing arts and crafts in a group or with siblings).

Children learn to communicate and socialise through working together to gain a common goal. For example if a child is wanting to use a green pencil but the other child has this, the child will problem solve there way to understanding that they want to get this colour but they will need to negotiate with the other child to use the colour themselves.

In this example the child is learning a number of things. Some of these skills include:  

Problem solve ( I need this colour but the other child has it )

Negotiate ( what can I do to allow the other child to give me the colour)

Communication ( how do I communicate this so the other child understands what I want)

Children not only learn these valuable skills but also develop confidence and self identity through exploring what they like to do and materials they like to use.

Expressing their feelings can sometime be a little hard for all of us but children like to use a variety of colours and associate them with the pictures they draw allowing them to express emotions through their pictures.

As an early Educator, I have observed on numerous occasions where children are deep in thought prior to putting pen to paper as they negotiate through their thoughts and decide what they would like to represent on their paper. sometimes children are interested in sharing their pictures with others explain what they have drawn and sometimes they would quickly take their picture and put it in their bag because they want to keep it to their selves.

Let's see what a child will think about when decideing something as simple as decorating a paper crown.

  • deciding they would like to decorate a paper crown (decision making)
  • selecting to place the crown paper in a position they are able to work with (problem solving )
  • thinking about what they would like to decorate the crown with ( when they have a choice of different materials such as gems, glitter, deciding to draw on it etc.. (creative, imaginative, problem solving,)
  • if the child is choosing a gem to place on their crown then selecting the shape they would like and the colour. (problem solving and creative skills)
  • working out how they will stick it on the crown (problem solving)
  • if its glue they will use then uncapping the glue (gross and fine motor skills)
  • deciding they are finished decorating (completion and confidence )
  • connecting the ends (problem solving, communication)  especially if they are unsure how they will do this and use their communication skills to ask someone to help them with this.

Being an educator , I am passionate about helping children discover and explore their creative side whilst supporting their individual needs through creative art including using a variety of materials such as clay and pipe cleaners which help children discover they can manipulate the materials to shape them to what they want or envision, using wooden cutouts for children to use their imaginative and resinating colours and decorations. 

I have also created 90 minutes of Magical creative fun utilising a one-of-a-kind creative space in Fairfield Victoria.

Parents and caregivers can drop their children off or stay and have a coffee and enjoy this unique space inspired by Harry Potters Diagon Alley© called "The Enchanted Lane"

If you want more information visit elarose.com or contact us at info@kraftymother.com

Stay Creative and be Kind.

Krafty Mother




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