Do you believe in Magic?

Do you believe in Magic?


Do you believe in Magic?

Yes I do!

What is Magic to you and why do we have this fascination with magical and mystical beings?

In my opinion the simple facts that is that we crave creative outlets and using our imagination helps us to tap into our own individual magic.

"Mystical and magical we dove into the world of wonder and mystery through our surrounding environment and our inner knowing". Sharon Magri 

Working with what we love including Mother Nature can provide us with the tools and inspiration to create both physical and imaginative realities. Helping us to cope with daily stresses, in my opinion working with something that helps me connect to my inner creative has empowered me with ways to make my journey through this world a very colourful and meaningful one.

In this sense of the word "Magic" I am using it to determine the meaning of inspiration for me. What inspires me ? What allows me to continually tap into my imagination and pull out all sorts of wonderful ideas and creative ideas?

Being able to trust what comes to you and and spend time that is valuable inside your own imagination can help you locate some really incredible ideas that are buried deep down in there and need a helping hand to feel comfortable in appearing to you. 

Having the opportunity to work in a creative workspace surrounded by talented artists, entertainers and of course the most supportive family and friends has provided me with the inspiration to help to inspire others to find their "Magic" . 


Magic is such a fascinating subject and is all up to the individual to interpret in their own way what magic means to them. This subject is always fascinating inspires people in many different ways.

Follow your intuition and creative passions and believe in the magic within you.

I hope to create more posts like these to empower people and give a platform that is safe and based on self condense and creative magic.


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